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In 2004, the founders of Ciao Marco, Tricia D'elba and her husband Mir Shahidullah, moved their family, daughters Alalys and Mirabella and son Marco, to Italy for the summer with plans of moving there permanently. While traveling throughout Italy, their son Marco, who was 9 months old at the time, received the nick name Ciao Marco. It seemed that in each new town the family would stay in, people became familiar with Marco quite quickly, so each day when the family would go into town people would always say "Ciao Marco."CIAO Marco About Us Everyone seemed to know the family because of Marco and they found it to be a wonderful way to meet new people and build new friendships.  

Tricia, who had been traveling to Italy for years, had always admired the way Italians dressed their children and over the years she was inspired to design dresses for her daughters with the same classic Italian tailoring. After spending the summer in Italy, Tricia was stirred to start her own line of Italian children's clothing. Naming the clothing line "Ciao Marco" seemed like an obvious decision since those words had leant to so many great experiences.   The family now resides in Florence, Italy and has expanded the brand to include a men collection as well.  























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